10 tips to get out of your comfort zone!

I realized I was in my comfort zone whilst at the coast over the new year celebrations. There’s something especially therapeutic about the ocean and life’s simple pleasures such as watching the sun rise! There should always be an urge/room in your heart to be BETTER. I felt that I had barely achieved anything in the recent past, thus I found myself questioning my attitude towards work, my values and a few decisions i’d recently made. I’m an aspirational woman. Well, at least I used to be, so how did I get there?


This post by the cute ‘Lil Miss Belle’ reminded me that there’s never a perfect time to share pictures, and I’ve had these for ages! 🙂  A conversation with a new friend over this past weekend made me realise that we all have our own battles that were fighting! With that said, I hope this post inspires someone trying to get out of their comfort zone.

Here are 10 things that I did to get out of my comfort zone!

1. Stop making excuses, imagine just start.

The time to execute your ideas will never be right. Before you know it, someone will have thought of the same thing and run with it. After all, time waits for no man, right?


I put up a post on my Instagram account (@WamboiKay) yesterday with the hashtag #‎SelfLove. The only person who knows what’s best for you is, you! Listen to your heart and act with haste, no matter how hard or scary it may be. The only way someone/something can put you down is if you simply don’t love yourself to believe what they say about you. This post on hadithi cautions, ” be careful who you let into your head.” Take care of your body and think positive thoughts.

3. Be consistent. (TRY)

Just because you didn’t do what you said you would that time, (well, ok, & that other time too) doesn’t mean that you won’t be consistent this time!


4.See the beauty in EVERYDAY.

Spend a day with a child and get to see life through their eyes. Everything seems to excite them, we ought to have their need to discover and minds free of self doubt!

5. Forgive yourself.

So you’re disappointed you’ve never really followed up one that one thing you really want! Move on and give yourself a fresh start. 🙂

6. Spring clean.

Your home, your mind, body and even your friends if need be. I find myself finding clothes which i honestly forgot i owned. Truth is, if you barely use it you don’t need it. Give it to someone who needs it and make space for things that reflect who you are or where you are in life.


7. Don’t compare yourself to others.

In a world where we carry our phones everywhere and constantly stare down at our screens, this may seem hard. Learn to be happy for others. We are living our own lives and we should set out to achieve values that can be measured through our experiences. Set the bar high for yourself and do what you feel would be make you happiest!

8. Find mentors.

The best way to stay on track for a goal is to find people to push you. Call up someone you admire and simply tell them what you want to learn from them. Carefully read their response. Not everyone is willing to help just because you want them to. If not, call another!


9. Improve your skill set &  ask for help!

Constantly benchmark your skills in your respective fields with those of other regions. Not only will this in the long run make you more marketable, but it will also help you gain an interest in constantly learning new things.

10. Recharge & PRAY. 

Take at least 20minutes daily to do your favourite simple thing. Read a book, make some scented tea, light a candle… Just do you boo! Put God first in all you do. I’m not the most churchy person, but I believe God speaks every language  and to every man. We all twisted in our own way, but what matters is how we talk to God.


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