This has got to be one of my best posts yet! I got to interview my favourite model from the Swahili Fashion week.




1. When did you start modeling?

I started modeling back in 2009 with a little effect but this year is when modeling has really peaked for me and I am not looking back.


2. What do you love about modeling?

The fact that I am used as a canvass by the designer to showcase their work of art. I know how much time it takes for a designer to come up with an outfit and so when they decide to give it to me to model it, I feel honored that they charge me with the responsibility of making the outfit get noticed and stand out.


Emo in a design by black bird.

3.How do you keep in shape?

I keep in shape by going to the gym for 3 to 4 days and doing boxing for 2 days in a week. I concentrate on doing a lot of cardio workouts.



4. What was it like working the Swahili fashion week runway?

It was really amazing for me because I got to model for the emerging designers in the region. Swahili fashion week is the biggest fashion event in the East African region and being part of the first ever Nairobi showcase is something ill cherish for a long time.


5.Youโ€™re always dressed on trend, are you a stylist?

Yes I am. I have done numerous styling gigs for videos and tv shows. I love fashion and I love to associate myself with anything fashion.


6. Rumor has it you are the man behind the afrosโ€ฆ. Yes this is true. I am the founder and designer for Afros (African slippers) I am currently designing shoes for my company.


7.What was your inspiration behind the afros?

My inspiration behind this shoe brand is the fact that as Africans we like to play around with colour and stand out. What best to bring this out than with Ankara fabric and I mixed this with the desire for comfort, hence I came out with the afros, the African slippers.


8. What motivates you?

I am motivated by the fear of being broke and the desire to be the best. If you cannot push yourself to the limit then what is the point of doing something?


9. Three things that make you happy?

Fashion, Food and Music


Emo with friends at an event.

10. Favourite quote? It is easier to live with defeat than to live with regret.


Fantastic man? i think so too. do like his page here.

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Wamboi Kay

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