Dressing for the red carpet is never easy. When I think of all the press that’s going to be there, I get a little excited. I am a growing brand. I feel like I have a duty to my employer, Eve Gal, to stand out. Anyone who works for them is the best, I believe. Call it corporate communications. I had a hard time dressing for this particular event compared to others I’ve attended. I mean, when a silver ticket was going for ksh 5000, and a golden ticket at ksh 7500, that alone kinda gives you a feel of which serious people will be in attendance.

I knew for a fact I wasn’t going to wear heels. I am proudly not a heels kind of girl. Comfort is essential. I didn’t want to wear a dress either. From past experience EVERYONE wears dresses to the red carpet. I initially decided on two trends, Leather  and cool knit sweaters, but changed my mind on the leather when i stumbled upon….

I have never EVER worn leggings/ tights, buy these felt right. You would not believe where i got them from… the formal section at Mr. Price. I am not particularly  one of those people who prefer not to shop at merchandise stores for the fear of seeing someone else in the same outfit. Truth is , no two people ever wear them exactly the same way! However, for the red carpet I must  admit, this was a bit of a risk. Also, I could almost hear Blair Waldorf’s dissaproval, “…and she wore an outfit by no one!”

Me and Melody of House of VirGody.

I got this Kylie band from Bridget of Laddia accessories. ( more on her coming soon!)

I also wasn’t sure about wearing pants on the red carpet, but after doing my research I realized people really don’t care what you wear. Just keep it formal and look like you tried! Check  out this poll by The People magazine, here.

Here are some celebrities in pants as well.

What do you think of my outfit?


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