7 Accessories for short hair (I)

Short hair was firstly for me, an easy way out of feeling pain at the salon. I really do not believe in pain being the cost of beauty. Moreover, styling my hair took way too much time getting dressed every morning.  Sometime last year though, I got bored of my short hair and spiced things up a bit as you may remember here and here. I later cut it again, as I well, long hair became too much to bear, yet again! I feel like I now understand my hair better than ever before having experimented quite a bit!

Having had short hair, I set off to find fun ways to add some funk because short shouldn’t mean boring! Well, at least not for me! If you have short hair, I hope these help!



I’ve never been into hats till after this shoot! The trick to wearing hats for girls with short hair is to wear it at an angle to avoid looking as though you have no hair at all.


Both hats from Urban Funky Wer .

Lipstick: Bombshell by Pauline Cosmetics



Lipstick: Marvel by Pauline Cosmetics

I first got this particular headband for a coastal vacation and loved how it was perfect for the location. There is no convectional way to wear headbands I believe. Try alternating between boho vibe and princess feels.



All headbands from Michiko Art.

These are only 2,I hope to share various ‘short hair chronicles’, which I will update every Monday. Let me know if you have any questions re: short hair & style, and i’ll be happy to share!

MAKE BY- Anjee Inkheart

LIPSTICKS FROM- Pauline cosmetics

FLASH TATOO FROM- Forever Trendy 22

PICTURES BY- Armstrong Studios

Love & Light

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