Art Cafe’s 24hour Weekends

Art Cafe The Oval has been one of my favourite restaurants for a while now. Aside from their beautiful decor, their happy hour ensures that my friends and I finish work by 5pm on Fridays (or FriYAY as we say). Weekends are for letting loose and celebrating our achievements over the week! T.G.I.F.

Art Cafe squad3

Art Cafe at The Oval are giving you one more reason to thank God it’s Friday! They now have 24hour weekend opening hours every Friday and Saturday. 🙂 Have you ever craved a REALLY GOOD meal after a night of partying? Research does show that eating a hearty breakfast after a night’s drinking can prevent a hangover!


A few bloggers and I got together with the Eat Out team at 5am this past weekend. Yep 5am! Check out my no make-up face! 🙂 Art Cafe at The Oval basically serves anything you want from their menu, so don’t you worry that you may be too early for your favourite! I strongly recommend the sweet and sour chicken with fries, absolutely delicious!




Wendy meets her bae! 😉


Art Cafe squad

I absolutely love being with people who like to take food pictures before they eat! Check out my girl Soni Side Up from Eat Out Kenya.

Art Cafe friends

Art Cafe Me

All images by the lovely Tatiana Karanja

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Love & Light

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