Being vulnerable.

Being vulnerable has been described as ‘the quality of being exposed’. The first two months of 2018 have been the most difficult I’ve had in a while, 2 years to be exact. I’ve been wearing my heart on my sleeve and having more honest conversations with friends & Instagram family. Boy did I feel exposed, but through the conversations we had as I shared my personal story I realized that deep down, we all want to connect. Now more than ever, I believe that life is a series of seasons and this quote by Robin Sharma cemented that.

Each season brings with it precious gifts to the one with the eyes to notice them.

By being vulnerable, I realized that I was being present, feeling everything I needed to feel, and this led me to eventually be grateful about my loss. I’d like to encourage YOU to be vulnerable and here are 5 ways how:

  1. Be brutally honest with those you love.
  2. Show up and be seen.
  3. Ask for exactly what you want.
  4. Do that thing that you’re scared of.
  5. Put up that picture that you think makes you look too…

How do you practice vulnerability?

You are beginning to understand aren’t you? That the whole world is inside you: in your perspectives and in your heart. That to be able to find peace, you must be at peace with yourself first, and to truly enjoy life, you must enjoy who you are. At once you learn how to master this, you will be protected from everything that makes you feel like you can not go on, that with this gift of recognizing yourself, even when you are alone, you will never be lonely. – Unknown

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