Bras for red carpet dresses : REVIEW


I’ve been styling a few ladies for red carpet events and have come to realize  that other than length and color, the type of bra one would have to wear determines which dress a lady picks. In Kenya, bra/lingerie shops may slightly overprice their products to cover for shipping costs or may lack variety. I discovered Uncover on a poster at the Yaya Center, and proceeded to their website as there was no physical location given. They are an online shop that sells high quality lingerie and garments and (thankfully) deliver all over Kenya. I will be doing a  feature review on types of bras to wear for  red carpet events. I will be judging these bras in comfort, boost, and fit (essentials of a good bra) as well as visibility. 


1. The Red Carpet bra


This is a silicone bra has an adhesive sticky side which you stick to your boobs-literally!


Perfect for: A dress with a revealing back where an ordinary bra would sit.


Comfort: I honestly couldn’t imagine being comfy in anything without straps. The adhesive held throughout and this bra has an extraadhesive in a see through support which you stick to your back.

Boost: This bra gives you a size bigger boost.

Fit: 5/5

Tip: Wear when skin is dry for a better stick.

Price: Ksh 2000.


Dresses from: Kungára

Jewelry: 1961

Location: Achi’s Horse Riding School

Make up by: Azil

Photography by: Kombo Muoka of Urbantu Media


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