Casual Monday



Casual Monday is always a great idea as there’s little that can done without much thought, effort, or concern on the first day of the week other than dressing up! I know few people have the luxury of wearing literally anything they want to work, but luckily most start ups do. I love this pair of dungarees but seldom ever wear it right, as you may remember from here! I believe every woman should have those outfits that make you feel instantly dressed down, and this is one of mine. I paired them with sneaker wedges for casual Monday. I randomly found this head band at super cosmetics, they have a wide variety of styles and colors should you be in need.






Dungarees @fashiondaily_ke

Sneaker wedges: Jumia Kenya

Necklace: 4u2

Hair band: KES 195 Super cosmetics

Pics by @Ngumigituro


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