comeback:Like a lady

Hey hey! How I missed blogging so! I just came from what was probably the longest, busiest and hardest semester of my life! Being optimistic me though, I believe it’s darkest before dawn. My dawn here is finishing school, 3 months to go and counting!!! 🙂 I might ramble about this in a lot of my posts- be warned. 🙂

I’ve also been changing a few things here and there, okay, mostly on this new site (like you didn’t notice). 🙂 There may be a few kinks here and there that I’m working on with my developer Dennis, who I can not thank enough!

I wore this outfit for my first post. I’d actually had this skirt for 6months and had never worn it!

Black top with cleavage detail. Oh, and a happy camper!

These cone heeled shoes were a birthday gift from my cousin which I also wore for the first time here. (7months later!!!)

Let’s keep dreaming ey? 🙂

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Pics by Wordz photography.




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