de Ruiter flower farm


I must admit, going on tour of a flower farm was beyond my wildest dreams. Having grown up on a farm I have some interest in flora and fauna. If I was to pick a gift between flowers, chocolate and a teddy bear, I’d definitely pick flowers. My dad actually has a flower garden which my mom and I are always happy to pick fresh flowers from. I have recently made it a point to send  a bouquet of flowers to my close friends on their birthdays. I mentioned here that the hotel I was staying at had a flower farm tour to De Ruiter included in the cost of staying at the hotel. De Ruiter is a company that breeds and improves the rose. All their flowers have names which are agreed upon by a board and sold to rose farmers across the world. They had some pretty interesting names including, oops and celebrity.





My birthday outfit was curated by me. I would like to constantly recruit brands which I truly believe in. This skirt for instance is from Kidosho. Liz the founder has constantly supported my fashion endeavors from back when I was a stylist. I designed this skirt myself as I wanted pockets and a pretty bow. I had a hard time picking out the fabric at Kidosho and heres why:



I stumbled upon Shengnation whilst stalking my friend @siteiya on instagram. The brand sells authentic Kenyan merchandise whilst demystifying and preserving the Sheng language and culture. I ordered this kuiva nayo tee in white immediately, which makes this a great brand for me. Zero marketing needed. The tee comes in some kick ass packaging as I highlighted here. On the packaging is the brands amazing story which I think you need to see and read for yourself. Whilst this kuiva nayo tee is obviously for ladies, gents can buy the chips funga version here. On their website, they have sheng words of the day where they teach you a few words here and there. I love it!






Sunglasses @KES 999 from Jumia

Kuiva Nayo Tshirt @KES 1200 from Kaymu

Skirt KES 4,500 from Kidosho


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