Fashion resolution


I knew late last year that my style would drastically change in 2015. This is because of a lot of personal changes that really challenged me to grow. I will be sharing these with you throughout my blogging which I hope to make a lot more frequent, hold me to it! The first of these is to dress more ‘grown up’. I’ll be purchasing a bag a month,and these will move from my usual convenient sling bags, to more structured bags.Why bags opposed to heels? Well, i’m flat footed. This means that my feet, knees and back really hurt after about an hour of wearing heels. I’ve said before that i don’t believe in paying a price to be ‘beautiful’.  I got this white bag with neon and black detail from Mr. Price at KES 3000. It felt very ‘ME’ due to the neon hint. 🙂

Wamboi Kay



fashion resolution


What is your fashion resolution? I’d be happy to hear it/them!

Pics by @ngumigituro

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