Friday’s are for…!

If you’re under 25, your Friday’s may be you’re fave day or not, depending on what you choose to do. I am an extroverted introvert (yes there’s such a thing)! My tgif”s are thus spent between wanting to stay home and read a book or going out. I have also discovered that FOMO (fear of missing out) is in fact very real & have therefore resulted to putting off my phone at 5 pm if I want to have a quiet one. Most of the time, I put up extra hours at work on Saturdays, because GOALS! If I do decide to go out, chances are, i will dress up! Here is my idea of a perfect Friday outfit because Friday’s are for…

wamboi 17


Suspenders: Leather dungarees by House of Kaji

Green crop top: Available  HERE

Heels: From Instyle shoez as seen here

Hair by: Rukia, Kenyatta market stall 38

wamboi 20


wamboi 30

wamboi 19

wamboi 18

All images by Aggery Ojiambo



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