Groom me: Short!

I’ve been getting several questions about how I maintain my hair. I decided to write a post on various ladies who’ve recently cut the hair, to help any ladies who might be thinking of cutting their hair however short! 🙂


1. Edah Oliech


I met Edah back in high school. She’d first cut her hair back when she was only 5 years old and swore never to cut it again. 1 week ago, her hair stylist at Rich Manna saloon (Adams Arcade) joked about cutting her hair again and an hour later, she was at it!

Hair routine: She retouches her hair twice  a year, preferring to braid it every two months and treats it fortnightly.

Future hair plans: Colour her hair red or get blonde highlights.

Word that describes how shorter hair feels: Refreshing

2. Faith Fonsey

Faith and I met back in Sunday school. 🙂


She cut her hair in Dec 2012, as a symbolic way for her to ‘start afresh’ in various aspects of her life. Her hairstylist at the time ended up cutting it way too short, but she ended up loving it. She especially loves Chrisette Michelle’s hair.

Hair routine: Uses Do gro as treatment and inecto for colour.

Future hair plans: Keeping it short and coloured!

Word that describes how shorter hair feels: Transformed

3. Michelle Njoroge


Michelle is family and has always wanted to try short hair but her mom would never let her try it. She kept wondering why her hair had to define her two months ago, cut it shorter. Before she showed the world her new cut, she instead teased them with an edited photo where she looked completely bald! She kept getting calls and some of her friends even refused to talk to her!

Hair routine: Mizani foam spray to moisturise, TCB on her scalp and Olive oil for daily use.

Future hair plans: Going with the wind, but she wouldn’t mind going shorter.

Word that describes how shorter hair feels: Free

4. Keza Mpisi


This Rwandese Beauty wanted to look different from everyone else. She first triedcolouring her hair, but a few of the products were too harsh. This proved to be a perfect excuse to visit Tony Airo, the coolest hair stylist.


Hair routine: She uses Tony’s root hair stimulator.

Future hair plans: Plans to keep it short for at least 6 months.

Word that describes how shorter hair feels: Relief

5. Wamboi kay

Well that’ll be part 2 of this post! 🙂

Go here to see photos of the ladies in longer hair.

Make up : Lush Beauty by Michelle

Photography: Leon Muli


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