So today, I made my 2nd press appearance in one of my favourite newspaper magazines, Eve Gal.


I promised I’d blog about the lovely ladies who got on board with me on the styling. The comment on the magazine was, “we love the African print and accessories”.

Meet 22 year old Hanifa, an I.T. student and jeweler. (she provided ALL my accessories) She owns the shop Juvel Kollection, like her page on facebook, here’s the link,

Why jewelery?

I have always loved unique accessories. I believe they add oomf to any outfit.

What gave you the idea to start your own shop?

I used to spend a huge part of my cash at high end stores buying pieces which i felt were a bit too over priced. I then started buying pieces online,and my friends would forcefully buy them off me! I’d buy more and more pieces, and sell them to my girls. Sooner rather than later, i was getting referrals.

How long have you been selling jewelery?

I’ve been at it for about 1 year.

Do you have a physical address?

I recently got a shop, Market stalls, opposite city market, shop A1. (Its upstairs)

What unique things do you sell?

Everything is unique! 🙂

Do you plan on going into clothes?

No, jewellery is my passion, i choose to specialize in it.

Whats the challenging thing about being in school and running a business?

Balancing the two. I run the shop with a friend of mine, so its manageable with the support.

Coolest part of the job?

Meeting cool people, following my dream and saving some cash!

Here are some images of killer pieces at JUVEL KOLLECTION. (find her on facebook)

Image Cat ring

Image feather band

Image girly bracelets

I love Hanifa’s store and its pretty affordable. price range is currently from Ksh 300 – Ksh 2000! Ditch the 50bob earring stall and get a few unique pieces!

Definitely stylish! 🙂

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