Letting go

Letting go always seems to have a negative connotation, like it’s the hardest thing to do. It isn’t especially when YOU KNOW what you need to do to move on from a situation. Besides, you really can’t go forward if your heart’s still where you’re coming from, right? But how do you let go?

You spring clean and create a space which your happy to live in. You burry (not burn) memories. Journal, fill paper with the breathings of your heart. You connect with your oldest friends, they’ve probably seen you like this before, and know who you we’re before this. You acknowledge that the person/thing your letting go of is also healing in their own way, you MUST give them space to do this. You find yourself in books & poetry. You take time to be present even in your most mundane activities. You create a vision board coz let’s be honest, you probably lost yourself(beautifully) in that situation, and need to reimagine a new life.

You experiment & learn the many ways you love yourself. You get crafty & make your own body butter with ingredients YOU love. You spend time in utmost solitude just being & watching stars. You listen to music you typically wouldn’t, maybe oldies, Lemar, Tupac… You dip your feet in the ocean. You rediscover yourself. Find the things that excite you, the parts of you you totally forgot about. Eventually, the forgiving part comes.

But the greatest way to let go is to work on you because really, you’re all you’ve ever and will ever truly have.


Pictures by Phocus photo.

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