My Hair Journey

If my hair journey is anything to go by, my life mantra ought to be, ‘Life’s too short to wear boring hair’! I genuinely hate pain, and my ‘big chop’ was a way to avoid having to comb my hair. I didn’t worry about the shape of my head either, I was simply determined to be free from days at the salon. Maybe it had a lot to do with confidence, or mostly my tight budget as I was in my first year of campus, either way I made it work. As I mentioned here, you can get away with almost anything when you’re under 25!

I need to lay it on the line though, my looks in the past were entirely for convenience. I barely cared for my hair, no moisturizing, constantly coloring…you name it! That’s what makes it a hair journey and through it, I learnt how to maintain healthy hair and even techniques to use for intense curls whenever I so wished! I will be sharing these with time but for now…!

My hair journey 2012

My hair journey12


This was the year I got my big chop! I enjoyed experimenting with different braid styles especially twists. However, the intense pain I would go through especially when I chose to do my hair at Kenyatta Market was simply not worth it!

My hair journey 2013

My hair journey13

I was pretty happy with my new found freedom! (As you can see, lol) Getting ready for school was such a breeze!

My hair journey 2014

My hair journey 14


2014 was a good year, and this was a bold style. Great conversation starter too!

My hair journey 2015

My hair journey 15


I got bored of short hair and decided to try a few braid styles I thought would be cool. This was fun! Boy can’t I wait to tell you about my blue yarn braids!

My hair journey 2016

My hair journey 2016

Here we are back to the basics, same old style, but with healthier hair and more creative ways to wear it!

Which of these years do you like best? Do let me know in the comment section.

P.S> I’ve been nominated for Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog in the 2016 Kenya Bake awards. Please vote for me HERE. (No. 7.e)




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