Nippies (I)


The extreme V-neck sheath dress is definitely a show stopper. It is perfect for petite girls who may also be looking to add some illusion of length.


2. Type of bra: Nippies 

Also known as the nipple bra.

They look like:


Perfect for: V- necks, halters & strapless dresses.

Comfort: I honestly forgot I had them on.

Boost: None as well, their function is to conceal.

Fit: 1 size fits all.

Tip: Works like the red carpet bra.

Price: KES 800.


Dress from: Kungára

Jewelry: 1961

Bag: Gifted

Bras: Uncover

Shoes: Woolworths Kenya

Location: Achi’s Horse Riding School

Make up by: Azil

Photography by: Kombo Muoka of Urbantu Media




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