Outfits for the girl under 25.

The best thing with being under 25 is, you can get away with a lot all in the name of YOUTH! Adolescence after all ends at 25! I am a bit of a free-spirit and I like to do that which makes me happy! This inspired me to get these yarn braids installed although to be honest, I had no definite idea of what I wanted to do do with my hair on the actual ‘hair day’.  I had them done at Kenyatta market by Rukia of stall 38. I first asked her to bring me black, white, red and blue yarn and this friends, was the result.



I will all through this week be sharing outfits that you can get away with whilst young. They will hopefully inspire you to dress up for your next party, event or date.

The dress: Sparkly mini with a very bare back made by House of Kaji.

Shoes:  Lacy heels from Instyle shoez

Crackle nail polish: Flormar 

Get away with: Flaunting your body!

Wear this if: You are comfortable in your body.

Wear this to: A night out

wamboi 3 (2)

wamboi 22 (3)



Are you under 25, can you relate? Or are you over 25 and feeling 21? Whatever the case, if like to hear from you! Do let me know in the comment section.

Images by Aggery Ojiambo.

Love & Light,

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