Purple hibiscus.





I’m currently reading Chimamanda Adichie’s first book purple hibiscus. I’ve read all her other books, and I’m sad i’ll have to get a new favourite author, but excited all the same. This look features a lot of layered pieces, but with the weather guys, what else  is a girl to do?

A4-Yassir Ali

I got featured on The Little Bird Kenya, check it out to get a little more insight on my art curation! All things work, we’ll be having this amazing exhibition running all week. I hope to see you art lovers.

Opening night: 11th August 2014 6pm-9pm

                Daily: 10am-6pm

               Saturday 12 noon-6pm

Photography by Shifteye photography.


    i love your necklace, looking good :) sana!!


  • Angela

    I totally love your blog and how you use mostly pictures to tell your story and so few words that say just enough. Congrats! Such a beautiful blogger and an inspiration.

  • Melissa Njue

    the book is amazing…ope u r enjoying it.