REVIEW: Leo’s hair saloon


Leo’s hair saloon is located on the 4th floor of Victoria courts off Parklands road. I went to Leo’s hair saloon on a random Wednesday lunch hour a while ago when I badly needed to do my nails. You know how it is, trying to squeeze a bunch of errands during your lunch break! I’d heard quite a bit about Leo’s saloon, and I was quite happy it was literally a stones throw away from the Jumia Kenya hq, making it much easier to tag my friend @Ngumigituro along to take these pictures. I’ll give an honest review of Leo’s hair saloon and the service I received.


Cleanliness: 10/10

There was always someone cleaning up after every customer!

Entertainment: 8/10

I feel that they could buy a few more magazines as opposed to the usual Drum and True Love magazines. They however have wi-fi, so you can happily surf.


Interior decor: 10/10

They have the most wide widows which make the place really well lit. There are plenty of mirrors encouraging vanity as you do your hair too!

Price: Average

Depending on what lifestyle you lead, here are some prices for you to be the judge.

Eyebrow threading: KES 200

Manicure: KES 700

Pedicure: KES 800

Mani with gel: KES 1500

Braiding: Depends on the style

Haircut: KES 500

Service: 10/10

The staff are very friendly. They also offer you tea and coffee as you do your thing. If you like, you could buy a bowl of fresh fruit.



If you would like to inquire or visit Leo’s Saloon, contact Nancy on 0721993332.



Thanks for reading. No really, thank you!

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