Short hair must haves! (II) & a GIVEAWAY!

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Any lady can rock short hair! Having kept the look for 4 years now, I’ve realized that short hair may be easy to keep, but you’ve got to constantly wear a touch of make up! Fact. Lipstick and well shaped brows will definitely prevent you from looking like a boy. ūüôā If you’re a simple girl or barely have time in the mornings, pairing simple make up and chic accessories will elevate your look to the next level. For this shoot, I played around with 4 of my favorite shades from Pauline Cosmetics, Rebel, Marvel, Bombshell and Red Wine.¬†Check out how cool short haired girls can look!

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Short hair 1

When I put up my previous post, I got messages from ladies who craved a short look but are too scared to get the big chop! Short hair needs you to be confident. Thing is, everyone will have an opinion of your look whether you choose to wear it long or short. Cutting your hair is drastic, but hair grows.  Change is constant so how about you live a little, DO IT! A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life!

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Pauline Cosmetics are giving a lady who wants to change her hair any 2 lipsticks from their Busumate luxury lipstick Collection. The giveaway rules are quite¬†simple,¬†all you have to do is leave a comment on My Facebook page¬†letting me know what new look you want to try this year. Winner will be announced on International Women’s day (March 8th), because what better day to celebrate you!

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MAKE BY- Anjee Inkheart

PICTURES BY- Armstrong Studios

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