Skirt sale with Closet 49!

Skirts. I have over the past year diversified my wardrobe, especially as far as girlie clothes are concerned. I was amazed to learn that I was being referred to as ‘ule manzi wa maskirts’) at school! 🙂  (That girl who’s always in skirts)

I have collected almost 15 types, and have decided to share a piece of my wardrobe with you, through closet 49!  Kenya’s biggest online fashion market place! I will also be going on my internship this September, and I might sadly have to trade in some skirts that are full of character, for some formal skirts.

Here are the skirts on sale,size 6-8;

1: A-line skirt

Item 1

This blue skirt fit my waist perfectly. It has cute button details and pockets.

Size 6

2: Fitting skirts

Item 2

Grey fitting skirt with button detail at back, great for a sophisticated look. Shoes form Instyle collection.

Size 8 (small waist)

Item 3:

Khaki skirt with slit at front. This skirt also has pockets. Great when dressed down. Great to show off your curves.

Size 6

Item 4: Also worn here.

Purple skirt definitely for a daring lady. See me in other coloured fitting skirts here , and here.

Size 8

Item 5:  Also worn here.

Denim skirt with small cut detail. Definitely a different kind of skirt. Great for a relaxed casual look. I’d definitely pair up with a kiondo.

Size 8

3: Assymetrical bubble skirt

       Item 6:

I did say some skirts were ‘full of character right’?

Size 8

4: Tulip wrap around skirt

Item 7:

This has got to be one of my favourite skirts! The colour is amazing and it’s made of a knit-like material. Pair up with black stockings and bright coloured heels this cold month. Big hit in the 80’s. Sequied collar top also for sale.

Size 8

5: Sheath skirt

Item 8:

To be honest, this was one of those skirts I rarely wore. I love it, but have few tops that go with it. There’s no point being a hoarder! Perfect for ladies who wish to accentuate their hips.

Both size 8

6: High waist skirt

Item 9:

High waist skirts are very flattering for ladies with either shapely legs, long waist and short legs, flat stomachs, or short figures.

Size 8

More of my skirts (not on sale):

Peasant skirt:These are light, airy and long, sometimes till mid length. This was probably one of my most edgy looks yet!

Yoke-style skirt : I wore this skirt quite a lot, and ended up giving it to one of my friends who liked it more than me. It was also in sheer which was trending last season.

School girl skirt:

This has got to be my shortest skirt…. Major points for the denim!

Pleated skirt: The ultimate lady-like feel. Especially lovely when you spin around! J

Skirts are a great addition to any wardrobe. The most important aspects to consider when buying skirts include fit and length. Choose skirts with interesting prints and colors for a fun collection.

Click here to buy these skirts on Closet49!

🙂 🙂 🙂


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