Taking a social media detox

A social media detox is so necessary and here’s why. This year has seen me grow and question a lot of what I choose to do, and how I choose to feed my mind especially where technology is concerned. It was a bit of a challenge as I work in digital marketing and that’s mostly how I make a living, but I kept feeling like I needed to draw a line somewhere and somehow still do me. It’s world cup season & let me just say I wish I knew a thing or two about the competing teams coz I’d be getting my betin on for sure! Lol.

We’re constantly reading articles about the millennial  generation & how we are over exposed to dopamine through the use of social media. Are we ready to accept that we are addicted to screens? Statistics say we spend an average of 5 hours on our phone daily. (Ok, 4.7 rounded up) but where do YOU draw the line? I took 3 weeks off Whats App & Instagram & here are a few things I learnt which I hope will inspire you to take some time ‘off’:

  1. I’m not connected AT ALL. When you remove Whats App, you don’t have ‘randoms’ checking up on you with that ‘hey’ and without that upload on the gram, few remember you. Who is going the extra mile to connect with you?
  2. We boast & gloat. Case in point: going to a beautiful destination with friends and showing EVERY.SINGLE.DETAIL. Also known as doing it for the gram. This really contributes to the comparison effect a lot of people struggle through forgetting that the person shows only the curated part of their life.
  3. Social media is a distraction & we waste too much time on it. Checking in first thing in the morning, randomly throughout the day ‘just to see’ if there’s something new.
  4. We don’t mind our own business. Take a look at your dm’s, how many of them are links to a certain pic someone posted shared by friends discussing the person in context or THEIR life?
  5. Without watching others lives, you feel zero FOMO (fear of missing out) and don’t realize what events pass you by.
  6. You truly LIVE. No social networks means less notifications. I found myself fully being in the present with every interaction I made, and spending more time feeding my mind by reading.
  7. As a brand, one doesn’t have to be online constantly. God will wire your audience for you! As a digital marketer, I learnt that there are truly many ways to get the job done without being constantly connected.
  8. I do not get my news from Whats App or Instagram. I get it from my parents & Facebook. 🙂
  9. Through the silence I could discern everything that was coming into my life & could clearly decide if they could stay or not based on what felt right for me.
  10. I don’t have to post everything. 🙂 Some moments are truly special and ought to exist only with those who experience it with you.

How do you take a social media detox you ask? Simple. DELETE THE APPS & find a healthy distraction. Work out, read, set a goal & work towards it.

Do you boo.


Pictures by Phocus photo.

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