Taking stock. (1)



Making:  Loads of DIY’s for my first home!

Cooking  Baking: loads of yummy treats. I just bought my first oven.

Drinking:  Instant coffee. Nescafe 3 in 1.

Reading: Eleven minutes by Paulo Coelho.

Wanting: A holiday! Bad!

Playing: This Beba Pay advert! The hustle is real guys!

Wasting: No time in achieving my entrepreneurial dreams.

Sewing: HA! There is no hope for this ever!

Wishing: Life was a walk in the park.

Enjoying:Inspiring talks from @Balmoi (gallery architect)

Liking: Gel nail polish. It doesn’t chip. Convenient.

Wondering: How i’ll get through the rest of these questions!

Loving: The ‘to go’ section at Mr. Price. Mad discounts.

Hoping: I can get poached in December. Amen. Working girl dreams.

Marveling: @magiqlens_ke  pictures of Makori and I. Sharing soon!

Needing: Another cup of coffee!

Smelling: Carried away lotion by body luxuries. Scent from heaven!

Wearing: Layers of clothing! The cold cant touch this!

Following: @margoandme , a fashion PR specialist turned blogger, stylist and designer. She is recently engaged, and is sharing her journey to her big day!

Noticing: That youtube ads are a bit to much!

Knowing: That education is the only way to get what you really want.

Thinking: Of a how to loose weight! Junk food is the devil and I’m 5kgs heavier!

Feeling: Happy at life’s recent rewards.

Bookmarking: OOTD Magazine. Loads of style inspirations.

Opening: A traveling savings account. Yay me!

Giggling: @host_with_the_most‘s sweet nothings!

Feeling: Blessed.

Necklace and ring from @jayorskerea 

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