The strapless bra.


Growing up, halters were sort of like the in thing. Not much thought went to them, as well, boobies were sort of invisible. Fast forward years later and well, there’s much more than just the dress to take into account.


3. Type of bra-Strappless

Most strapless bras come as a convertible bra with straps where you take out the straps at your convenience. I however recommend one that starts lower in the body for more support.


Perfect for: Halters, strapless dresses & spaghetti strap dresses.

Comfort: Depends on the fit. Too tight, you’ll be uncomfortable, loose and you’ll have to keep pulling it up.

Boost: Maximum as they hold the boobies.

Fit: Getting a tight fit is essential here than with any other dress.

Tip: Make sure you get this in your bra size or a size smaller.

Price: KES 2200 .


Dress: Inherited 🙂

Jewelry: 1961

Bag: Coach

Bra: Uncover

Shoes: Woolworths Kenya

Location: Achi’s Horse Riding School

Make up by: Azil

Photography by: Kombo Muoka of Urbantu Media


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