Tips for dressing warm & stylish

The weather in Nairobi has been quite unpredictable this pat weekend. Nothing new here. It had simply been a while. I find  it pretty easy dressing warm, but only because I have loads of ‘seasonal clothes’. Case in point, my oldest pair of boots which I paid for in installments during my college days! Talk about a good bargain. Here are my top tips for staying warm & stylish:


1. Dress in layers



I had a tee under this sweater, and socks in the boots (obviously). I like layering as your outfit looks new throughout the day as you remove the warm clothes should it get warm.

2. Sweater weather



Pick out fun sweaters with interesting prints. Dressing up should always be fun!

3.Cover your neck


This is probably something your mom probably told you as a child. Keep colds at bay by learning how to stylishly tie ANY scarf around your neck.

4. Boot up


I’ve had these boots for almost 5 years. Invest in a great pair and you will see them take you through some pretty cold and wet days.

5. Pop of color



Life’s too short to wear boring clothes! You must know this! Remember to keep your lips moisturized. Here, i’m wearing tinted lip gloss from Flormar.

Sweater: Jumia Kenya

Skirt: Jumia Kenya

Scarf: Maasai Market

Boots: Instyle Shoez

Pictures by  @Ngumigituro

Love & Light

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