Travel: Chui lodge

A month to my birthday, I found myself single and starting to get burnt out at work. I’ve always been into small birthday celebrations, because I believe in spending your special day with those who truly matter. I must admit I’ve started to deeply enjoy my own company, having lived alone for months. I randomly started looking at various travel sites in anticipation of finding an ideal destination to go to SOLO.I posted a few travel dream locations on my instagram before the said day.

Being my birthday, I was ready to use at least half of my savings, as a way to treat myself. I realized that a lot of online sites are somewhat of a hoax and here’s why. The fair prices that you see are mostly per couple sharing or are in fact group packages. So how is a single girl in Nairobi supposed to travel?


The Coast was not in my plans having done it once before. I needed an EXPERIENCE. My location of choice therefore needed to be accessibly by public means and have some activities as I’d need to keep myself entertained. I decided to try Jovago, a travel website which gives you the exact price you will pay depending on the room you select. When I called their customer care and explained that it was my birthday weekend, Ruth on the other end was kind enough to email me a few recommendations which I must admit I was torn over. I finally settled on:IMG-20150803-WA0010

Red Tommy Tackies KES 1399 here.

Sunglasses here.

Located in the north west of Nairobi, Naivasha is only 1 and a 1/2 hours away, making it a perfect destination for anyone who doesn’t particularly enjoy long rides. I got there in the evening and was shown to my deluxe room ‘Shemeji’ which had the most beautiful 4 poster beds and a roaring fire. I couldn’t stop smiling as Florence showed me around. The bathrooms had colored glass windows making me look forward to having a bath at sunrise. Actually, taking baths was probably one of the things I probably enjoyed most on this trip! Chui lodge definitely has a luxury element to it. All the soap and lotion were handmade, inspired by the outskirts of Laikipia.(That’s what the packaging read!)





















The food at Chui lodge is culinary art. I literally kept wishing i could preserve the food as is. Oh! It tasted twice as nice as it looked! I also got to sit at different locations at the restaurant, making every meal feel like a different experience. On my birthday, they saved me the best spot with my very own fireplace and about 3 amazing waiters came singing happy birthday and one was playing a nyatiti looking instrument. The other guests clapped and gave them a standing ovation. It definitely felt like my special day guys.










Gold glitter nail polish @KES 350 from PAM here.DSC_0335









I got to tour the location the next day and the pool area, and if you’re into beautiful sights, the view here overlooks the Rift Valley escarpments. I chose this particular because they have a flower farm tour and game drive inclusive in the cost. All you have to pay for is the park fees. I’ll be sharing more of the activities soon. What do you think of the place?



Skirt @KES 2899  from Riri here.

Stay here if:

  • You’re looking for somewhere close to Nairobi.
  • You’re looking for an experience.
  • You like African inspired environments.
  • You don’t like your booze rationed, especially with meals.


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