Buymore card!

Wine and chocolate go together like white on rice. Fact! My best friend Jennifer recently texted to tell me she’d bought me a buy more card. I was over the moon, because i’d been following them on instagram for quite a while. Buymore is a technology company that has developed a cool and innovative solution; an electronic student discount card called the Buymore CardThey provide discounts to events, restaurants and hang out spots.

buy more card kenya

We met up for a taste of what the event will look like, and it turned out we’d colour coordinated! I’m one of those people who believe in fate and destiny, and that proved to me that we were meant to be! Jenn is an upcoming designer, and recently submitted one of her designs for the vijana na equity competition. Check out her killer style and vote for her here. (P.S. she made this skirt herself!)

Vijana na equity competition


This weekend, from the 6th-8th they’re providing 20% off a ticket to the wine, cheese and chocolate festival at the Westhouse hotel in Muthaiga. The three distinguished treats will come from all over the world  and Uber will take you there  for free! Stay tuned to my instagram for a giveaway happening now!



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